24 noviembre, 2017


Título: Saga “Dark Heralds”
Autora: Lynn S.
Libro 1: A court of Fairies
Libro 2: A Curse of Glass and Iron
Género: Fantasía. Novelas en inglés

Sinopsis: Marissa has always lived in her mother’s shadow—and that needs to change…
Paralegal Marissa Salgado is a quiet woman, an only child who has grown up in Adriana’s long shadow. When she meets and falls in love with Esteban, a fellow employee at the law firm, Marissa finally starts to break free from her shell. While Marissa’s mother is overjoyed to see her daughter happy and fulfilled, both Adriana and Marissa have a blood legacy that ties them to creatures of old—and love is indeed transformative when it comes to their kind.
Esteban never knew his father, nor was he aware of his half-human, half-fae heritage…
Esteban O’Reilly had no idea he was descended from the feared Alexander clan, a vicious faction of the Unseelie Court that demanded their payment in blood and sacrifice. When Esteban dies in a car accident, the women in his life are shattered, and his mother and grandmother are frantic to bring him back—no matter what it takes.
Magic has a price, and one life has to be exchanged for another…
Answering a request from Esteban's mother, Marissa agrees to spend a weekend at Innisfree, the family's country home. During her stay, she learns the fairies who haunted the O’Reillys for generations have now set their eyes on her. When the extent of Esteban’s sacrifice becomes clear, Marissa must make a choice—the truth, or the man she loves.
With her life in danger, will Marissa finally acknowledge those who once swore to protect her? Will her own secrets step out of the shadows, or will she be destroyed by the Court for Fairies?
Tipo de sorteo: Un solo sorteo por ambos títulos de la saga, digitales e internacionales.

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